Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Problem:

In my work with disenfranchised women, I encountered many victims of domestic violence. The process for helping these women get out of abusive relationships always began with getting the woman to first recognize that she was, in fact, being abused. In most cases, several intervention sessions reviewing the signs and symptoms of domestic violence were necessary before the woman could actually see her situation objectively. Before coming to this level of awareness, the woman undoubtedly came up with a myriad of reasons why the abuser’s abusive ways were necessary. And almost always, the woman would feel that her abuser’s behavior was somehow her fault or her responsibility to bear. In such relationships, the woman tells herself there must be something she has done, or hasn’t done, that justifies her abuser’s behavior toward her. Perhaps she was not pretty enough, didn’t work hard enough, didn’t follow the abuser’s rules for the household, or maybe she just stepped out of her place and got what she deserved. At the end of the day, she always found a way to defend the abuser’s abuse and to dismiss that inner knowing that tells her she does not deserve the treatment she is getting.  It is my contention that this same syndrome is what ails American citizens today.

If we lift the blinders from our eyes, we can clearly recognize that we are abused, mistreated, controlled, threatened, alienated, beaten down and ostracized from the things in life that make us humane and human and compassionate and productive on a daily basis. The barrage of watered-down facts served up by a corporate-controlled media, the oversaturation of nonsensical social networking gone mad with tweets, the propaganda-ridden news of justifiable wars in the name of human rights and democracy, the submergence in the gruesome, profane and occult in film and television, all serves to numb us to the realities of war and eco and social deterioration we have fallen victim to.  We have been in this “syndrome” so long that we have become, as this Anonymous link suggests, a “hypno-induced psychotic public” numb to the governmental atrocities to which we have granted our “unspoken public permission”. Much like an abused victim of domestic violence, we fail to label the abuse as abuse, we make excuses for our abusers (elected officials), and we tell ourselves they will “come around” eventually if we just do our part (follow the law), vote, and follow the status quo. But in reality our first response to this Domestic Violence, this abusive relationship, should be to get out of harm’s way and leave the relationship. How can you, after all, get free of the violence if you remain submerged in the throes of the cycle of abuse? The answer is…You Can’t!

The strange this is, like an abused wife, we go on, day by day, trying to make the abusive abnormality NORMAL. But there is nothing NORMAL about allowing lobbyists to pay bribes for legislation and representative’s votes in the Congress and Senate, which infringe on American’s freedoms (NDAA, SOPA, PIPA etc.). There is nothing NORMAL about watching your abuser beat you down, committing crime after abusive crime (mortgage fraud, foreclosures, unwarranted bank fees, Wall Street trading schemes, illegal government bailouts, etc.) and allowing your elected officials to grant these abusive criminals immunity from prosecution. That would be like standing at the front door with a black eye that your abusive husband gave you and telling the police when they arrive that you don’t want to press charges or get a restraining order! That’s when you KNOW the abuse will surely get worse, and the abuse victim is a goner for sure! In such cases, it’s just a matter of time before the victim winds up another domestic violence statistic at the morgue.

The Solution:

This is where the American people are headed! This is where we will end up if we don’t stand up in droves and say NO MORE! And since we can’t all get the hell out of the U.S., we’d better take the next best option and GET THESE ABUSIVE SOBs OUT OF WASHINGTON!

Does that sound drastic?
Yes! But that’s how we Grown-Ass Citizens roll!
With that said…It’s time to UNELECT all these crooks! I’m pushing for DIRECT DEMOCRACY; a truly democratic system where we all vote directly for who we want to lead us. No primary caucuses or Electoral College is even needed anymore. That former structure of our democratic election process has become corrupted and ultimately, obsolete. These “representatives” were only necessary in the formative years of our country because of limitations in communications, transportation, technology and the like. But it’s 2012 for goodness sake! Google can tell me how many times I viewed every website I’ve ever been to…the government has a satellite that can give a 360˚ view of my home in real time…my cell phone is being used as a citizen tracking device already… and I can deposit a check without ever showing up at the bank. Even now, some government security jerk of an employee is monitoring who says what, to whom, when, and who posts what where…YOU GET THE IDEA!
So do you really believe we can’t just vote on line for ourselves? Do you really believe that we can’t REPRESENT OURSELVES in matters as important as war, taxation, amendments to the Constitution, so that we may protect individual freedoms for all citizens? Some say we can’t. WELL… I’M NOT BUYING THAT!


I don’t know about you, but I consider myself smarter that the average bear. And even the average bear should be able to see that what we had and what we were as a country is history. What we are now is a bunch of mind controlled “tricks” being pimped and slapped around by the people we trusted to do right by us.
DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CHANGE! It is inevitable. The question is, will we stay in the status quo until our abuser knocks the hell out of us and leaves us for dead in one of the 11 FEMA camps they have up and running and ready for full operations?
Or Will We Get The Hell Out Of Dodge,
Press Charges On These Abusive Sobs
And Lock ‘Em Up Fo’ Life?
Yes, I said it and I meant it. Let’s all be real GROWN-ASS CITIZENS, see things for what they really are and get busy healing our land, healing our people, healing our families and restructuring our government. Our founding fathers could not have anticipated that the world would change so much in 200+ years. We have a responsibility to our children to protect ourselves so we can, in turn, protect them. Know the signs of abuse and get help! Information is the key. Turn off Dancing with the Stars and CSI and turn yourself on to some world news for a change.

That’s my spiel for today.

There is NO America without Americans…and there are NO Americans without FREEDOM!



Every Citizen

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