Tuesday, March 20, 2012



FEAR is  the most powerful force in the world besides the POWER OF GOD. It is FEAR that drove George Zimmerman to hunt down and MURDER 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Florida. And FEAR is what makes our politicians pass laws like the NDAA and SOPA. FEAR of being a "commoner" makes people whore after greed and power.  FEAR destroys personal, social, and governmental relationships.  FEAR creates racists. FEAR creates criminals. And FEAR creates bullies. Which is exactly what we, the United States of  America, are to the rest of the world.

WILL WE GO TO WAR WITH IRAN? You'd better believe it. So GET READY! Just as in times past, the U.S. Government has successfully fostered FEAR into the hearts and minds of U.S. Citizens to insure that if Israel (U.S. puppet-master) is attacked by Iran, we (the U.S.) will be justified, in turn, to obliterate Iran from the face of the earth and STEAL THEIR OIL AND GOLD! Even if Israel is the instigator of the conflict. What a plan!

And we, U.S. Citizens, will stand by and watch in FEAR as we cheer on the U.S. Military Complex to destroy our "enemy". WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still trying to figure out how that makes us One Nation Under God! Yes, we are under God, because HE is the final authority and HE will have the last word. But even this byline, which appears on our money, is a false flag, a smoke-screen, a LIE. For we have no intentions of living in or following the WILL OF GOD. Because we FEAR that if we are subject to GOD, we are, somehow less than GOD. That is exactly the FEAR that drove satan from GOD'S presence. How ignorant we are! For if we truly knew GOD, we would let the mind of Christ reign in us, and understand that there is no robbery in submission to GOD for WE ARE ONE IN HIM, if we only believe that He has created us in His image and likeness, which is HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, AND EVERLASTING. Yes, I went there with it! IF YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE IN GOD, YOU HAVE NO NEED TO TRY TO MAKE YOURSELF GREATER THAN GOD! And that is exactly what drives the luciferic forces of the world. They FEAR that GOD is greater than they are. AND HE IS! Hallelujah. I admonish all GROWN-ASS CITIZENS to let THE MIND OF CHRIST reign in our hearts and minds. But  I digress.

I IMPLORE YOU,  GROWN ASS CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, TO RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO FEAR! It will destroy US and it will destroy our country and ultimately, the world as we know it. Hmnn... By the way we behave, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing. Maybe if we live through the destruction of WHAT IS coming to pass, we will someday be able to build a better...WHAT CAN BE...without FEAR!


It means we had better get busy trying to stop the luciferic forces from destroying us all! 

Contact your elected officials, picket, protest, petition and PRAY for an end to this fabricated conflict with Iran. They were minding their own business and we (the U.S. Military Complex) OUT OF FEAR of losing our position as the world dominating power and losing access to Iran's resources, have decided that they simply must go. AS IF WE HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO DECIDE WHICH COUNTRIES AND WHICH PEOPLES OF THE WORLD GET TO EXIST AND WHICH ONES DON'T!

OUT OF FEAR of having to humble ourselves and work cooperatively with other countries,
OUT OF FEAR that if U.S. Citizens "get off the oil-crack", oil barons will lose trillions of dollars,
OUT OF FEAR of being equal to other countries in importance,
OUT OF FEAR that peace means NO MORE TRILLIONS in profits for war mongering global investors,
OUT OF FEAR that the we will live without our i-phones, plastic bags and other meaningless crap
OUT OF FEAR that we may have to WORK for a living or WORK TOGETHER to survive

WE WILL LOSE THE MOST VALUABLE THING WE POSSESS-OUR SOULS! And we will answer for the crimes of our government and the blood of millions will be on our hands because we refused to BE GROWN ASS CITIZENS who SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE U.S.'s  INHUMANITY TO MAN!

OUT OF FEAR, WE, THE CITIZENS OF THE U.S.  are allowing our government to commit heinous crimes in the name of peace, the war on terrorism, the war on drugs, etc, etc, etc!

I guarantee you CITIZENS. If you think you have reason to FEAR now, you can be sure, we will have a reason to FEAR WHEN NUCLEAR WAR DESTROYS THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

Don't just sit there. DO SOMETHING NOW! or never.


Grown-Ass Citizens (of the U.S. and the World)

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