Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Time of Transcendence is NOW!


The "Time of Transcendence" is Now! 

Some will continue with "life as usual" as they struggle to maintain the status quo of globalized mental, social and spiritual enslavement. Others who are in tune with Creator Spirit can sense the urgent need to detach from this world, being IN the world but not OF the world with all its deceptive entanglements and lures to embrace the "glamour" of possessions, perceived power, wealth worship and the I-ME spirit (which comes of darkness).

My point here is...
If God does not have your attention by are surely looking in the wrong direction!  

With that said, I am attaching a very interesting article I found when googling the "social consequences of war". This article contains a broad view of factors to consider in the event of global war. Am I promoting doom or gloom? NO! I am promoting wisdom, preparation, understanding, and transcendence. I pray that this article gives you much to consider and strengthens you to prepare for harder times ahead. You don't have to be a victim, you can and will be a survivor, an overcomer, if you embrace wisdom and respond appropriately. PEACE, BLESSINGS AND MUCH LOVE in the coming times. 

The Social and Economic Effects Of Nuclear War

by Arthur M. Katz and Sima R. Osdoby

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