Sunday, January 13, 2013

GUN CONTROL-SHMUN CONTROL (You've Got to be Kidding Me!)

The uproar about gun control has the entire country in a whirlwind, as well it should. Why?, because the entire Gun Control Campaign is just another smoke screen that the U.S. oligarchy is using to control the fears and thus, the thinking of the U.S. citizenry.

To think, that this "culture of violence" as it has been called by many activists, scholars, journalists, and spiritual leaders, has actually been manufactured over the past few decades by a tyrannical government hell bent on destroying the terrorists (real, manufactured, and imaginary) destroying the civil rights of all citizens (not just Black people or illegal immigrants or the poorest of the poor BUT ALL CITIZENS), destroying the planet in the quest for profit, destroying the children with poor education, GMO foods, dangerous vaccines, economic disparities, etc.  and yes,  destroying the minds of the masses with prescription medications, violence-saturated entertainment, decadent philosophies, vampiric glorification, ego-centric preoccupation and degenerative music, television and overall media.hype...well, how ironic is it that the perpetrator of the evil (worldwide) would then turn to its victims and say, "hey, why are you trying to defend yourself?...just turn over your guns and LET ME IMPLEMENT MY DESTRUCTION UPON YOU HASTILY!

WHAT THE HELL????????????????????????

What kind of fool do I look like? To give over my only means of defending myself to the very entity that seeks to destroy me and oppress me.

As my mother would say.. "that's like bending me over with NO vaseline!"  Yes, it's crass, but it's true. In fact, it's like me "bending myself over" and saying...Hey! go ahead ram me with your best, most lethal shot buddy, I don't care anymore.

Well I don't know anyone that would knowingly do this so I have to assume that this is simply a case of

In case you were wondering, the 2nd Amendment was included in the Constitution to insure that exactly this type of tyrannical siege of the people could not occur. And if we surrender to this onslaught of obsession with oppression of the masses....woe to those of us who lead the people astray...

No one seems to see the "coincidences" related to these tragedies. All these recent shooting have been at the hands of prescription drug-induced psychoses. Why is no one asking for PRESCRIPTION DRUG CONTROL? If the gun is the guilty cause, then surely the drugs are too right? Only if you have common sense, an asset many have no grasp of anymore. The pharmaceutical industry is turning AVERAGE CITIZEN into PSYCHO CITIZEN at the stroke of a pen. A doctor actually prescribed my 74 year old mother with oxycodone (a "poppy-based" pain killer (prescription heroine) and one of the most sought after prescription drugs on the street)! What the Hell!???? She was as loopy as a fruit cake and I IMMEDIATELY told her to stop taking them.



Well you can give up your guns if you want. But I applaud the GrownAssCitizens who refuse to surrender OR believe the hype. And I hope and pray that we "hold the line" as Khalid Muhammad once said. And give this devil a run for his money before it's all over.


Nuf said...

And for your research pleasure, I have included an article about the Ten Top Companies that benefit from war and weapons manufacturing. Just FYI

Now you know, if there is money to be made, there is no way these greedy bastards want to take our guns without also using those same guns to keep us under tyrannical control and making a big buck while they're at it! Just look at all the guns that have been sold since the mass shooting season began....semi-automatic weapons are on back-order! Well, I guess since they didn't need as many guns in Iraq and Afghanistan, they decided to dump them in the US. and make some vacation money. Now they can bet on the weapons derivatives and futures market---knowing that it's a WIN WIN for them, JUST LIKE THE ILLUMINATI HAD DONE FOR CENTURIES..playing both ends against the middle! And no one is the wiser.

What a marketing strategy! the devil is a smart cookie. A defeated cookie, but smart, nevertheless.


Ten Companies Profiting Most From War

I AM most sincerely,



  1. knowing these truths is great! but not so much if what you come up with is an "annie get your gun" mindset.

    why? one reason is, your guns will never match up to their guns. in truth, "they" really don't need guns to take you down if that is the intent. and, i maintain my position that "gunning people down" is a fear-based tactic that only adds to an already violently harmful problem.

    on fb, you likened anti-gun control to pro-choice saying, "FOR CLARITY: Being anti-gun control does not make one pro-violence. No more than being Pro-choice making one pro-abortion."

    but, just as being pro-choice is supporting a woman's right to have an abortion if she chooses (which is what "the choice" is all about) and is, in affect, being pro-abortion. being anti-gun control is supporting a person's right to gun another person down.

    trying to escape this "truth" is to deny one's "personal responsibility" for the decisions and positions one takes. grown citizens must have the courage to acknowledge and consider the full spectrum of benefits and consequences of their actions.

    farther you said, "We have plenty of gun control laws in place. IN MY OPINION we don't need more laws. LAWS DO NOT A CIVIL SOCIETY MAKE."

    and yet, we live within laws on every level of existence. we are a lawful people living within a lawful universe.

    we, as a society, agreed to be governed by laws set by elected officials. many of which leave a lot to be desired. they are, however very telling about who we have chosen to be as a society. viewing our society from a metaphysical stand point can reveal what is "hidden in plain sight" and are truths that can help anyone to "know thyself". but only if a person is ready to do that.

  2. Pro-choice means Pro-(right to choose) to have an abortion or not. That's why they call it Pro-CHOICE. If there is no agreement on the words of the english language, there can be no productive discussion on the particulars beyond that point. A woman's right to choose is the issue in the above.

    Pro-2nd Amendment means you agree with a citizens' right to bear arms (to own them and to use them in defense of themselves). It is not a right to "gun... people down." And that right, to bear arms, IS the law. And it exists to preserve one's right to defend one's self.

    Most women who currently possess the right to choose whether or not they have an abortion or not (and that's all women in the U.S.) do not choose to abort. And the large majority of people who benefit from the right to own guns do not "gun people down". These are the basic facts. If we cannot agree on these basic truths, further discussion is simply non-productive, at best.

    Unfortunately we live within a law-filled land contaminated with some non-law-abiding citizens. But, the real question becomes how do we, as a society, address these citizens. Clearly making more laws is not the answer, as it has been an unsuccessful strategy to date. As stated in the previous comment "many...(of these laws) leave a lot to be desired."

    So the argument is not really about whether or not we need more gun-control laws. The issues are, (1) do the proposed changes to existing laws actually improve our quality of life as citizens or a society? (2) will these added provisions prevent a person determined to inflict destruction from doing so? The answer to both of these questions, is no. For we already know that if a person is hell-bent on "gunning people down" they will do so, regardless of the law or the consequences.

    The even bigger and more important question is, what is the more comprehensive agenda behind these new gun control laws? That AGENDA is the matter of most concern to any Grown-Ass Citizen. When we, who value our rights, put this puzzle piece with the other Agenda (21) pieces, we who choose to look at the bigger picture see quite clearly.

    That is what this blog is all about. Seeing the multiple pieces of the puzzle and assembling them into a clearer perception of the forces, principalities, and wickedness that is in operation behind and in front of the scene.

    I trust that those who visit this site can benefit from a convenient place to review some of the pieces and gain some clarity.

    I support a person's right to bear arms. I support every citizen's right to own a gun and ammunition in the event it may be needed for their use in defending themselves, their families and their loved ones. And I support society's right to deal accordingly with those who abuse this very important and necessary right for selfish or destructive motives.

    Kudos to all the Grown-Ass Citizens who choose to stand up for this right and who wish, at the expense of no one else, to remain free.

    I am, most sincerely, Grown-Ass Citizen! Peace and Blessings to all!