Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Obama and Superman

Well, if you follow this blog, you already know my thoughts about our president. But this time, I'm just going to wrap my brain around this growing phenomenon that I am calling "Obama Worship"

So here's the scenario.

I was watching a YouTube clip posted by We Are where they were interviewing people in D.C. after the Obama inauguration event. As could be expected, everyone interviewed was an avid Obama supporter. The general crux of the interviews involved the reporter informing the person interviewed about one or two commonly known offences of the president during his first term, and then asking the person what they thought about these documentable facts.

One by one, as the reporter attempted to enlighten citizens about the implications of the NDAA, NDRP Executive orders signed by Obama, as well as hard data on escalating military acts (of war), economic decline, degrading social conditions, etc., these citizens gave replies such as...

"well, I don't know about all that...I just know that I believe in him"


"well, that may be true but... I think he means well and I still believe in him"


And I'm thinking to myself...

"what's up with the "believe in him" mantra?"


So I kept watching, and one after another, regardless of the facts and data presented, these people spoke forth their strong "belief" in this man, who, (they even sometimes agreed), had committed these great atrocities against global citizens. It was a phenomenal thing to witness. Particularly the fact that the persons interviewed stated that they realized the truth of what the reporter was telling them about offences Obama had committed to date.

And it was the ... "yeah, that may be true BUT"... that stuck out in my mind, since as we know, the word but NEGATES whatever comes before it.

As in...

I know Obama has engaged U.S. troops in acts of war against other countries without congressional approval BUT...


I know that Obama has taken away many inalienable rights of all U.S citizens BUT...


I know Obama gave immunity from prosecution to all the criminal banksters we bailed out  and who we are now financing further through quantitative easing and citizens' revenue BUT...


How in the world can you (one) NEGATE the facts and defer to your feelings OVER AND OVER AGAIN?


Honestly, I guess that didn't really surprise me. Most U.S. citizens have  "illusion-of-truth-lemming syndrome" and function in the realm of follow the leader, regardless of where he leads. But the thing that I noticed consistently was the overwhelming use of the word BELIEVE (not support or prefer) which most of the interviewees used to describe their relationship with/feelings about their president.

Maybe it's just me, but I BELIEVE IN world peace, I BELIEVE IN treating people the way I want to be treated, I BELIEVE in family, love, sincerity, integrity, etc. I BELIEVE IN THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE! 

To say that I BELIEVE IN the president, just seems to me to be way over the spiritual line of demarcation.
But like I said, maybe that's just me!

And what registered with me the most was the degree to which these lovely men and women were willing to go in order to defend their president, IN SPITE OF the facts and data that they acknowledged was true.


wor·ship (wûrshp)
a. The reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object.
b. The ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms by which this love is expressed.
2. Ardent devotion; adoration.
3. often Worship Chiefly British Used as a form of address for magistrates, mayors, and certain other dignitaries: Your Worship.

v. wor·shiped or wor·shipped, wor·ship·ing or wor·ship·ping, wor·ships
1. To honor and love as a deity.
2. To regard with ardent or adoring esteem or devotion. See Synonyms at revere1.

1. To participate in religious rites of worship.
2. To perform an act of worship.
Yes, I think that word applies here; especially when you say you BELIEVE IN someone.
For some, Obama is an icon of the New World Order, an idol to whom people offer their "devotion and adoration". For others he is "honored and loved" for his good intentions. And for others, he is even "esteemed" as a messenger of peace and a savior of the common people;  REGARDLESS of the fact that he has authorized (and continues to authorize) the slaughter of MILLIONS of people all across the world, especially the AFRICAN PEOPLE!  REGARDLESS of the fact that he consistently lies to the American people, allows the destruction of human life, authorizes the destruction of the planet in the name of "progress", misrepresents the intentions of U.S. citizens (80% of us do not support the global wars we are currently engaged in), and steals U.s. citizens constitutional and inalienable rights in the name of homeland security. And yet, African Americans (and many of other ethnicities) overwhelmingly still revere him as a God-send to the common people!
So I invite you to post your comments on this one for sure. Maybe somebody out there can help me understand how the man who kills, steals, and destroys human life is worthy of such  "adoration" (worship). PLEASE...ENLIGHTEN ME! Cause I must have missed the messianic message of Obama.

And if you're going to start by telling me you love his cute children, his swaggar, his hypocrital message of (CHANGE) or  his wife's inaugural garments...well, as my mother always says..."If you like it, I love it!" So, by all means... Love it. Love him. Believe in him. If you must. But you will be hard pressed to give me some hard facts about the GOOD he has done for mankind.
"I know, I know...BUT"
I AM sincerely,

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