Thursday, July 4, 2013

When We ALL Lose Our Freedoms... A Message for White Folks!

As I sit here on "Independence Day" 2013, I am painfully reminded that though we celebrate with fireworks, food and family fun...the world is still spattered with the mark of the U.S.A. from pole to pole. That mark is the blood of millions of people in Iraq, Lybia, Bahrain, Afganistan, Somalia, Syria and all over the continent of Africa. I am pondering the many freedoms and rights we have surrendered in the name of security and safety and democracy and peace. And at the helm of the U.S.A. global agenda, a myriad of U.S. Corporations that mask their heinous crimes against humanity within the neat framework of the sincere patriotism of millions of Americans.

Is it right for us to celebrate freedom when we condone the infringement of others' freedoms all around the world? Is this "celebration" merely an ignorant slap in the face from an ignorant, fearful people who have forgotten what it means to be free? Do we really "believe" in America as it is or as it once was?

As an African American, I am almost ashamed to find myself saying...what happened to the America that used to be? Even with all our faults as a nation, specifically the atrocities against Black people, I am filled with regret that who we were (or who we believed we were) was still, so much better than who we are today.

For years I used to pray that the average White man would find himself in the same predicament as the average Black man. Denied his unalienable, inalienable and constitutional rights and freedoms without his consent. I prayed for this because I truly believed that once White folks felt the sting and injury caused by the oppression of their freedoms, we would finally have a real revolution a-brewing. To some degree that is true. And I am so happy to see and hear people like Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal, Chris Hedges, Alex Jones, Robert Ian, and Max Keiser speaking about the need for a social, economic, political and yes, even spiritual revolution.

I am hoping that the average White citizen gets a clue. And I am hoping that they don't have to wait until the sting of their oppressed freedoms reaches catastrophic and epic proportions. As I was viewing this video (below) I thought to myself....What if White men experienced the same type of imprisonment disparities that Black men experience. Black men are 7 times more likely to be in the penal system. Imagine if the White male incarceration rate was 7 times higher. That would put about 10% of all white men in prison. Would that be enough to outrage the other 90% to start a revolution? I guess we will see.

You might say, well if you feel that way, why don't you start a revolution? ...or why don't Black people start the revolution? Good Question. I'm trying to do what I can. This blog is evidence of that. And anyone who follows me on Facebook sees my posts, calling others to recognize the truth and rise to action. If you like my blog and agree with it to a significant degree, let's talk. Maybe we can join forces and make a difference. In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog or to the website:

Think for Yourself and Live Free!

I Am Most Sincerely,
Every Citizen

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